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  1. Select the Shuttle Connect item from the Services menu in PortConnect.

  2. Search the container number. Containers will display with a status of Available or Unavailable.

  3. Select the priority status (see Types of Priority Status below) by clicking on the drop down menu.

  4. Click Update / Auto-request.

  5. If the container is successfully managed it will display a Management Party and the Priority Status would show as Priority.

  6. You can enter up to 5 email addresses in the ‘Priority Gate-In Email(s)’ field to receive the Notification for each container managed:

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  • If the vessel BAPLIE has been loaded and there is a container record in PortConnect, you can set the priority immediately. 

  • If there is no container record in PortConnect yet, an auto-request priority move can be made. The system will re-try priority auto-requests for up to 14 days, at which point the request expires and will need to be requested again by the user.

  • If a container is Unavailable and you set the priority it will create an Auto-Request. 

  • If the container has MPI Clearance then the container priority status will automatically be updated. If the container has not met these requirements during this time the Auto-Request will lapse and the container will automatically disappear from the screen.