Online Subscription User-Guide

PortConnect now offers a Self-Service Portal for users to subscribe to Track and Trace services using Credit or Debit cards. Upon selecting the Subscribe option, you will be redirected to a Stripe-hosted Checkout page. Here, you can enter card details and complete the payments process. Successful payment grants immediate access to Track and Track, with subsequent monthly payments automatically deducted. In case of a failed payment, access to Track and Trace is automatically revoked.

How to Subscribe and Pay by Debit or Credit Card

Subscriptions are available from the Pricing page:

  • You must be an existing PortConnect user.

  • Click on the dropdown box to view or select pricing options (monthly or yearly)

  • If the button reads 'Subscribe' then the subscription is available by immediate payment (Credit Card)




  1. Click on back arrow to return to PortConnect without subscribing.

  2. The payment amount is prorated across the remaining days of the month (payment processing is the first of the next month).

  3. GST is added to the subscription price and included on the total payment.

  4. Total payment amount that will be deducted from your credit card.

  5. The email address is defaulted from your PortConnect user account and cannot be changed.

  6. Enter card details (if you are a Link user select Pay by Link)

  7. Enter Billing Address details (these details will appear on your invoice)

  8. Subscribe

    1. you are returned to PortConnect success page after a successful payment.

Save your payment information, and we’ll autofill your saved card details, addresses, and phone numbers for all future purchases on Link-enabled sites. You’ll get a chance to review your order before clicking to confirm your purchase.

Manage Your Subscription

If you have an active subscription against your user account, you will have the option to ‘Manage Subscription’.


Note: Price below is an example only, refer to PortConnect pricing page for current subscription price.


  1. If you decide you don’t want to manage/change your subscription then you can click on ‘Return PortConnect Limited'.

  2. The name and price of the active subscription

  3. The end numbers of the credit card that will be automatically deducted from each month.

  4. You can add a card to replace the current payment card.

  5. A reminder of when the card expires, your subscription access will be removed if the payment fails.

  6. If you click ‘Cancel Plan’, the subscription will be canceled at the end of the month. Access will remain in place until the 1st of the next month, when subscription payments will stop, and access to the service will be removed.

  7. A view of payment history, click on download to view the PDF copy of the invoice.


Access to your subscriptions

  • Only one user from your company (Trading Partner) can have a subscription for a specific product e.g., Track and Trace:

    • The subscription must be managed by the user who created the subscription.

    • If another user from your company signs in, they will get a message ‘Subscription Already Exists’ including the email of the subscriber.

    • If the subscriber cancels the subscription, it will remain under their management until the next processing date (the first of the next month). At this point another user may create a subscription.


Terms and Conditions

Standard PortConnect Terms and Conditions apply, in addition the following apply to Credit Card Payments:

  • services that are paid in advance are non-refundable.

  • “refunds, if applicable, at the discretion of PortConnect Ltd, will only be made to the debit/credit card used for the original transaction.”

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