Storage Pre-Advice User-Guide

Please note Storage Pre-Advice function is only available for Shipping Lines for Ports of Auckland LINK facility.

Navigate to Storage Pre-Advice

  1. After you log in, you will be taken back to the PortConnect homepage.

  2. Click on Services > Storage Pre-Advice

Create Storage Pre-Advice

Cancel Storage Pre-Advice

To cancel the Storage Pre-Advice, contact Ports of Auckland Customer Services

Update Storage Pre-Advice

If you need to update the ISO type for the container, please contact Ports of Auckland Customer Services

Success / Failure Messages

When you submit the Storage Pre-Advice request, there will be confirmation messages on the container rows.





[CONTAINERNUMBER: Selected ISO Type (2500) is different from previous visit (45R5). Change ISO Type to match previous visit or contact Ports of Auckland to request an amendment to the previous record.]

Contact the port


Enter a valid ISO Type

[CONTAINERNUMBER: There is an existing container record in the port facility system that requires updating to enable Pre-Advice. Contact Ports of Auckland to update container record.]

Contact the port

IStoragePreadvicePort ComponentUri not valid:

Contact PortConnect User Support