Export Pre-Advice User-Guide

Access to Export Pre-Advice

  1. Login to PortConnect. If you do not have a login, you will need to Register. 

  2. Select Services > Export Pre-Advice

  3. To start a new Pre-Advice go to Submitting a new Export Pre-Advice

  4. To view/edit a previous Pre-Advice go to Populate from Draft/Recent

Starting a new Export Pre-Advice

Unknown Booking Number

Line Operator Booking Summary

The following Line Operators send Bookings to the ports and PortConnect:

Line Operator



Line Operator







Hapag Lloyd

Hamburg Sud




 - POT Only

 - POT Only






 - POAL Only

 - POAL Only

These operators do not send bookings:

  • Matson

  • Neptune

  • PDL

  • PFL

  • Polynesian Shipping

  • Seatrade

  • Swire Shipping

Consignment and Vessel Details

If an active Booking is found then PortConnect will automatically populate and lock a number of Consignment and Vessel details. If you disagree with or require an amendment to the information that is populated on the screen, please contact the Shipping Line. The Shipping Line will be able to either confirm that the booking data is correct or send a booking update to PortConnect so that you can complete a Pre-Advice with the updated details.

Load Port

You can select one of our partner ports depending on which port the container is booked for. If the container is going to Metroport Auckland, select Port of Tauranga as the Load Port.

Receive Location

This is where you enter the facility that the container will be delivered to.

  • For Port of Tauranga the options are Metroport Auckland and Tauranga.

  • For Timaru Container Terminal the options are Metroport Rolleston and Timaru.

  • Ports of Auckland is not currently using this functionality so the field defaults to Auckland which covers both Wiri and the seaport.

District of Origin

This is where the goods come from and/or where the container was packed. The District of Origin list varies based on the selected load port.

Vessel Visit

This field displays the Vessel Name, the Voyage Number (this is the official voyage number which may be different from the voyage numbers used by individual Line Operators on the vessel) and the Expected Time of Departure (ETD) of the vessel. 

  • You can start typing the name of a vessel and a drop down box will appear to give you suggestions.

  • Only vessels with an arrival date of up to 30 days in the future can be selected

Discharge Port

  • Discharge ports are limited by Vessel Visit.

  • The discharge port is the port where the goods are to be unloaded off the vessel first, not necessarily the final destination. Many containers do not go directly to their final destination port and may stop at a Tranship port to change vessels. 

  • The list of Discharge Ports is managed by the ports. If you suspect that a discharge port is missing from the list please contact your shipping line and they will be able to advise the port to add the missing discharge port.

Final Destination Country/Port

  • These fields are the Country and Port where the goods are ultimately bound for. This may not match the first discharge port.

  • Type in the first three letters of the Final destination Port and a list of options will appear on the screen.


This is the Exporting party and/or the party that has made the booking with the Shipping Line. This may be different from the party entering the Pre-Advice. Select the Shipper from the drop down. If the Shipper you are looking for is not on the list please contact info@portconnect.co.nz.

Acknowledgment Email(s)

  • An email can be sent to you and to anyone else you wish to receive confirmation of the Pre-Advice status.

  • Acknowledgment emails will be sent for Successful and Un-Successful Pre-Advice.

  • They email address that is linked to your account will automatically populate in the screen when you start a pre-advice.

  • PortConnect can set the Acknowledgment Email to automatically go to a mailing list of your choice. Contact info@portconnect.co.nz and provide a list of email addresses if you would like this to be set up.

Containers on Pre-Advice

Container Number

Container numbers must be within 3 and 11 digits. If you enter a non-standard or incorrect container number PortConnect will display a warning so you can check the container number.

We have added a Check Digit Override option for containers that do not fit the standard container number formula. This override button should only be used if you have physically confirmed that the number on the side of the container does not match the number we have calculated.

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Verified Gross Mass (VGM) refers to the overall weight of a container as verified by one of two official methods.  

  • Enter a weight in the Verified Gross Mass field in KGs. If the container is empty then enter the tare weight of the container in this field.

  • If you do not yet have the confirmed VGM weight, leave the field blank and save the container to the Containers on Pre-Advice list. The container will be identified as not yet having a weight.

  • Our Partner Ports require that containers must have a confirmed VGM weight before the Pre-Advice can be submitted to the port.

VGM Declaration

You must tick this box to confirm the VGM is correct and true. Containers that do not have this option ticked will not be submitted to the port on the Pre-Advice. You can use the space bar to tick this box.

Cargo Gross Weight

This is the weight of the contents including packaging and dunnage. If the container is empty, enter 0 in this field. This number must be in KGs.

ISO Type

Choose the container type. Depending on the type you choose, more fields may appear at the bottom of the screen. If you have any trouble finding the correct ISO code please check our Container ISO Type List.

Door Off / Door Tied Back containers

PortConnect cannot record if a container is Door Off or Door Tied Back. If you are pre-advising such a container please send this information to the customer service team of the port that the container will be delivered to.

Mode of Arrival

This is the mode of arrival to the port Receival Location (this may be different to the mode of arrival to the seaport). Choose Truck or Rail. If the mode is Vessel, Pre-Advice is not required.


You can choose the carrier company that you expecting to use for delivery to the the Receival Location.

Commodity Code

  • You can build a commodity code, level by level, or you can stay at the base (2 digit) level for commodity code entry. To find the right commodity start typing either a code or the description.

  • You can choose a high level code or you can drill down and choose low level commodity details – only the high level code is mandatory.

  • If there is more than one commodity in the container please select the commodity that makes up the majority or major portion of the consignment.

  • As you use the Commodity Code Finder, a code will automatically start populating in the Commodity Code field. If you know the commodity code already you can enter it directly into the Commodity Code field. 

  • Only certain commodities are allowed in a reefer container. If you have any trouble finding the correct commodity code please check our Commodity Code List or contact info@portconnect.co.nz.

  • If the container is empty, select commodity code 00 - Empty Container.


  • You can enter up to 4 Seals. The first seal you enter will be the main seal.

  • At least 1 Seal is mandatory for all containers. If you are pre-advising empty containers, flat racks or tank containers enter 'NA'.

Hazardous Goods

  1. Specify whether the container has Hazardous goods or not.

2. If your container does have Hazardous goods, you can change this to ‘Yes’ and the Hazardous Goods section will appear.

3. Enter the UN Number (just the number - not the 'UN' letters) and select the UN Hazard Code.

4. You can enter one or more UN Hazard Codes. 

5. Click the red cross to delete the UN Hazard Codes from the list.

6. Once you have entered all the relevant hazardous information click Save and the container will now show with a Hazardous status.

Reefer and Conditioning Settings

  1. Select a reefer container type from the ISO Type list and the ‘Other Information – Reefer’ and the 'Other Information - Conditioning' sections will appear.

  2. Only certain commodities are allowed in a reefer container. You can view the Commodity Code List to see which commodity codes can be used in a reefer container.

4. If a container is a Reefer or Fantainer you can add Conditioning settings. These fields are not mandatory. 

5. ‘Active Refrigeration required?’ field that you can select Yes or No (Only available for Port of Tauranga and Timaru Container Terminal).

Active Refrigeration indicates that the container must be connected to a generator while being transported from Inland port to Sea port. There will be additional port charges payable for this service. Details of charges can be found on the Port of Tauranga Tariffs and Terms website here.

Non-operating reefer containers

Users can submit Pre-Advice for non-operating reefer (NOR) containers. NOR only applies to Pre-advice that is completed in the website, currently not available for B2B XML Pre-Advice.

Over Dimension

If a container is a Flatrack or Open Top you can add Over Dimension measurements in centimeters.

Bundling Flat racks (Master & Slaves)

Ports of Auckland - If you require containers to be bundled, you must submit Pre-Advice for the master and slaves individually.

Port of Tauranga and Timaru Container Terminal only - There is a field to pre-advise bundled flat racks. You must identify a Master unit and Payload units for Bundled containers.

Flexi Tanks

Port of Tauranga and Timaru Container Terminal only - Users are now able to indicate whether a container includes a Flexi-tank or not. The field will default to No. Flexi-tanks are a type of packaging that fits inside containers. 

Cancel Changes

Save Pre-Advice

  • You can save a Pre-Advice at any time, but this will not submit the Pre-Advice.

  • Once you click ‘Save’ you can close PortConnect and return to the Pre-Advice in the future.

  • To see how to reopen a saved Pre-Advice go to Populate from Draft/Recent.

Submit Pre-Advice

Once the Pre-Advice has been submitted you will see summary messages at the top of the page which display whether containers have been successfully pre-advised or not. Individual containers which also display whether they have been successful or if there are have been errors. 

Pre-Advice Error messages

Pre-Advice submissions can be rejected for a number of reasons. The below table shows common error messages and who to contact to resolve these errors.

Pre-Advice Error Description



Selected ISO Type (XXXX) is different from previous visit (XXXX). Change ISO Type to match previous visit or contact Ports of Auckland.

Ports of Auckland

Selected ISO Length (XXft) is different from previous visit (XXft). Change ISO Type to match previous visit or contact Port of Tauranga.

Port of Tauranga

Selected Container ISO Type Group (XXXX) does not match the


One or more containers is missing a container number

Enter the container number field

Container Number clashes with another container using the same number.

Change the container number

Container number validation failed. Contact POAL Customer Service.

Ports Customer Service team

A duplicate container number was found. All container numbers must be unique.

Remove the duplicate (orange remove button)

The check digit you have supplied is xxxxxx and should be xxxxxx.

Change the container number.

Container ID has missing check digit, fix and resubmit or contact the Port.

Port of Tauranga

This container has been saved but the container number supplied is not in a valid format.

Change the container number.

This container is in transit and cannot be pre-advised. 

Load Port

Container has gated in at port facility and Pre-Advice cannot be updated.

Load Port

There is an existing container record in the port facility system that requires updating to enable Pre-Advice.

Load Port

Container has been created at port facility (MET) and cannot be amended to (TCT).

Port of Tauranga

Container has been created at port facility (TCT) and cannot be amended to (MET).

Port of Tauranga

VGM weight of container XXXX is less than container Tare Weight XXXX. Amend your Pre-Advice or contact the Container Terminal to request an amendment to the Tare Weight record.

Port of Tauranga


The Booking Quanta has already been reached and this container cannot be submitted. If you have previously pre-advised an incorrect container number or swapped a container number then the previous record needs to be Cancelled in the Pre-Advice screen before you can continue. If you believe the Quanta is wrong please contact the Shipping Line to request an update to the booking

Contact the Shipping Line to confirm the booking quanta (count of containers) in the booking.

Also make sure any incorrectly pre-advised containers have been cancelled in the Pre-Advice.

The booking quanta has changed from xxxxxx to xxxxxx. Please remove xxxxx container[s]

Cancel (red cross button) the extra container number.

The booking quanta has increased to xxxxxx. Please amend the newly added container[s]

Enter the new container numbers.

The Pre-Advice Line Operator (XXX) is not the same as the Booking Line Operator (XXX). Amend the Pre-Advice or contact your shipping line to confirm the booking details.

Shipping Line

The Pre-Advice POD (XXX) does not match the booking POD (XXX) in the port's system. Amend your Pre-Advice or contact the Shipping Line to confirm the booking details with Port of Tauranga.

Shipping Line

[XXXXX: The selected Line Operator is not an approved operator on this vessel. Contact your shipping line to confirm your booking details.]

Line Operator for the booking does not have rights on the vessel, the shipping line need to confirm with the port or amend the booking details.

[LINE] is NOT in the Shipping Line list for [VESSEL VISIT]. Amend you Pre-Advice or contact your shipping line to confirm the booking details.

Shipping Line

The Pre-Advice vessel visit (ref) does not match the booking ‘UNKNOWN’.

Contact the shipping line to confirm with the port which voyage number each of them have as they need to have the same voyage number for the pre-advice to populate the correct vessel visit details.

Booking [Booking Number] is linked to [Vessel Name] Voyage [Voyage Number]. Amend your Pre-Advice or contact your shipping Line to confirm the booking details.

Contact the shipping line to send a booking update which should resolve the mismatch between the Vessel details that PortConnect has and the vessel details that the port has.

Vessel Visit not found. Please contact the Shipping Line to confirm with (port).

Shipping Line

Discharge Port is not valid. Please contact the Shipping Line to confirm with (port).

Shipping Line

The booking is for empty cargo. Cannot pre-advise full containers.

Change the commodity code to 00 - Empty container.

The booking is for full cargo. Cannot pre-advise empty containers.

Change the commodity code

[CONTAINER NO.]: Routing Point not in itinerary.

Shipping Line

Reefer & Conditioning

The booking is for refrigerated cargo. Cannot pre-advise non-refrigerated containers.


The pre-advice temperature does not match the booking.


The booking is for conditioned cargo. Cannot pre-advise non-conditioned containers.


The booking is for non-conditioned cargo. Cannot pre-advise conditioned containers.

Leave all the conditioning fields blank; there must be no values in these fields.

One or more conditioning values in the pre-advice do not match the booking. The booking value[s] are: xxxxxxxxx


Vent Info: Must provide a vent setting type.


Vent Info: Must provide a VALID vent setting type.


Humidity: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide together must not exceed 100%.



The booking is for hazardous cargo. Cannot pre-advise non-hazardous containers.

Amend Pre-Advice to remove hazards.

The booking is for non-hazardous cargo. Cannot pre-advise hazardous containers.


One or more hazards in the pre-advice do not match the booking. The required hazard codes are: xxxxxxxxx



Selected Commodity DOES NOT require a Temperature. Please change commodity code or remove the Temperature.

Refer to the Commodity Code List for correct commodity or remove temperature.

Outage errors

[Container no.: Unit Facility Visit Error, please try again later]

Ports Customer Service team for Ports IT team to Investigate

PortConnect has not received a response from the Load Port in the required time frame.

Refresh your screen and try resubmitting the Pre-Advice.

Failed to communicate properly with port: There was an error connecting to the web service. Please contact User Support

PortConnect User Support


Remove a Container from your Pre-Advice

The Remove button 

  • This button will remove a container from a Pre-Advice so it is no longer submitted but this will not cancel the Pre-Advice for this container.

  • You should use the remove button when:

    • You have incorrectly added a container, before you have submitted the Pre-Advice.

    • You have successfully submitted a container and you no longer want to see it in your acknowledgment emails.

Cancel a Container from your Pre-Advice

The Cancel button 

  • This button will Cancel the Pre-Advice for a container in the port system and remove it from the screen.

  • You should use the cancel button when you have previously pre-advised an incorrect container number or a container will no longer be delivered against the specified booking.

  • This button allows users to manage the number of containers linked to a Booking so that the total number of linked containers does not exceed the Booking Quanta (the number of containers specified by the Shipping Line in the Booking).

  • This should only be used to cancel incorrectly pre-advised containers that will no longer be delivered to the port against the booking.

  • If you need to update the container details (other than the container number), simply update the container information, please do not cancel the container.

  • You will receive a cancellation acknowledgement email.

Once you click Delete you will see a confirmation pop-up. Click 'Yes, Cancel' to delete the container.

Populate from Draft/Recent

If the booking has been updated and the Vessel or Consignment details have changed, then you will see a message telling you what details have changed.

Edit a saved or submitted Pre-Advice

  1. Open Draft/Recent Pre-Advice

  2. On the container row, click on the edit icon

  3. Edit the container details > Save

  4. Save or Save and Submit the Pre-Advice

Containers that have already been received at the port or inland port can not be updated via Pre-Advice, to edit the details of such a container please contact the port's Customer Service team.

Request Express Pin

Printing Pre-Advice

There is currently no print function in PortConnect Pre-Advice. If you wish to print a copy of your Pre-Advice:

  1. Take a screen shot and print the screen shot.

  2. Print a copy of the received Acknowledgement email.